The will to be amazing

A few days ago Chris Guillebeau, author of the Art of Nonconformity Blog, posted this question to the Twitterverse: “What does it take to be amazing?”

Dang. That is an excellent question. The answers he received back varied from “expresso” to “courage”.  My response to Chris was: “a willingness to act on your ideas and dreams”
I’m a classic big picture, ideas person. I have ideas for inventions, marketing plans, books, songs, etc. I’m never short on ideas, but the willingness to act on them is something I struggle with. I’m a recovering perfectionist. I’m one of those people who likes to work, work, work, until perfection is achieved.  But here is the thing about perfection: it doesn’t exist.

For me, hiding behind perfectionism was just another way to feed my fears of failure. If a project isn’t perfect it should never come to light, and if it doesn’t come to light, I don’t have a chance to fail.  But forgoing the chance to fail is forgoing a chance to learn and improve.

I’ve tossed around ideas for a blog for almost a year.  But it wasn’t until right now that I am making the effort to take those ideas and make them concrete. I blamed a lot of  my procrastination on my inability to decide on a topic. There is some truth to that, but the fear of failure is what was really keeping me from writing.  I was scared of all the possible mistakes I could make.

The thought of all the grammar gaffes I can commit in the public sphere? Terryfing.

Writing, writing, and more writing without anyone reading?  Scary.

Pushing forward with all of the ideas I want to see come to fruition?  Oh, the fear!

The scariest thought of all? The one that triumphs all of my other worries? Not doing anything at all. Letting my ideas pass me by. Neglecting my chance to be amazing in my own right.

So, what do I think it takes to be truly amazing?

Acknowledging every single day that you are worthy of being amazing by stepping past the fear. Then telling yourself that today, you will do something to let yourself shine.

Go on, I dare you.


  1. I love love love this post. I can certainly relate to some of what you said. I sometimes struggle with the same thing. I too am an ideas person but as fast as that idea comes, also come the thoughts of what if this and that. All fear thoughts trying to deter me from the idea. I have also learned to just go for it, sometimes even when it doesn’t feel like the “perfect” timing. But I’ve learned that that is a better strategy for me. To just go for it before the fear thoughts talk me out of it.

    Thank you for this taste of motivation this morning.

  2. Erica Outland says:

    Wow! This entry really matches my current mindframe. I’ve also toyed with the idea of a blog for a long, long, time. I finally told myself to just start it, but ended up putting only a few post because of that same reason. Well, I’m encouraged by what you’ve written, and I just might take this next year to actually act on my desires. Thanks!

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