5 Strengths I Forgot I Had Until A Drunk Man Wandered Into My Room

My weekend was odd. It started on Friday, when I got locked out of my house (no keys, cell phone, money, nothing!) and went into early Sunday morning when a drunk, male, stranger stumbled into my house, into MY BEDROOM, and reminded me of 5 strengths I forgot I had.  My guess is that you have them too; but hopefully some drunken lout doesn’t have to wander into your room before you remember you do.

Curious? Read On.

The first thing I learned was: I can stay calm in an emergency (or how to rebound quickly when all goes to shit).
It was around 5 a.m. I’m usually a hard sleeper, but I woke up as soon as he opened my bedroom door. At first I thought it was my male roommate, Joe, but when I said, “Joe is that you?” And unfamiliar voice answered me.

Wait a minute. Joe doesn’t wear baseball caps. Especially not ones turned backwards.
Oh f$ck. That is NOT Joe!
After I realized he was a stranger, my next thought was, “How can I get out of here?” I didn’t scream. I didn’t panic. I instantly went into survival mode.

That is when I learned…

#2. That I really am a  “go-getter” (or that I am still capable of kicking some ass if need be)
I jumped out of my bed and said, “Who the f&ck are you?” But I didn’t wait for an answer. I punched at the guy (hit him in the face) then shoved him (he stumbled into my closet, causing my mirror to come crashing down) then I ran out of my room,  scampered down the hall into my roommate, Shannon’s room, locked her door, and told her pretty calmly that there was a strange man in our house.

During our confusion, we opened the door to see the guy stumble out of the house. While we (still very much in shock) were trying to figure out how he got in, he walks back into the house.

Hot damn. This mofo returned.

It was then that we notice that he is drunk off his ass. He’s slurring his words, stumbling, and bumping into the walls. He tells us that he called Vemir (umm we don’t know Vemir) and that his name is Michael. This guy is so drunk that he came into the wrong apartment.

My mirror was a casualty of the incident.

He leaves again. This time we run to make sure the door is locked and dead bolted. We’re still shaken up, but then…

#3. We start to laugh (or how I remember that laughter is the best cure for fear. Life is short. And funny).
I recount the story of how I attacked the guy, and praised all powers that be, that I don’t sleep in the nude. And thankfully, neither do my roommates. It was creepy, but we’re still laughing about it.  We don’t know where the guy went to next. But I chose to…

#4. Move on (or how dwelling on something gets you nowhere. You have to move forward).
After the incident, I got back in my bed (locked my bedroom door this time) and went back to sleep within 20 minutes. I can’t let intruders stop me from getting my beauty rest! Hells to the no-no!  It was creepy to wake up and find someone I didn’t know in my room. I didn’t know if he was some kind of killer or what, but we took care of it. The only thing left to do was move on, and go back to sleep.  Everything looks better in the morning. And indeed it did because I remembered that…

#5. Inspiration can be found anywhere (or how fending off a wayward drunk man can make you remember just how strong and capable you really are).
Apparently when our landlord opened the door for me on Friday, he accidentally hit the switch that keeps it unlocked. The drunk guy just waltzed right on in. Crazy, right? Anyway, I had been feeling a little down this weekend. Me and a person who has been a central figure in my life for the last 7 yeas decided to part ways for good. I know that it’s needed (that whole moving on thing), but it doesn’t mean I will miss him any less.
However, not having him to call when this whole ordeal went down made me remember just how strong and capable I am. It is possible for me to face a tough situation head on and come out of it.  I know that this story could have had a very different ending. But thankfully, it was just a screw up.

When things are going horribly wrong, when the sun is not shining as brightly, and I can’t figure out how to unstick myself, I’ll think back to the drunk guy who made me remember that not only am I a fighter, I’m a survivor, too.

How was your weekend?


  1. Kim says:

    OMG! This story is crazy. I’m sorry this happened to you, but you really handled it well. I love how you created a great piece from a crazy incident.

  2. Sherelle says:

    Okay….I love this one girl! Sometimes we have to go through the craziest/hardest of situations to realize how strong we are, and that life does indeed go on.

  3. Christa says:

    You go girl! It is funny how bad things can show us who we really are, but like I heard people say “If it wasn’t for bad times, I wouldn’t know what good times felt like”

    • Amber J. says:

      Right! And I was feeling really out of sorts the night before too. After that, I was just like hey, I can face some of these other fears I have that are not even as legit!

    • Amber J. says:

      Best believe I locked my bedroom door before I went back to sleep, but yeah I was tired after all of that! I need my 8 hours!

  4. Wow, my weekend clearly wasn’t this crazy.
    Thank God he was just a drunk and not someone with intentions to harm you. Either way it must have been scary. The thing about stressful and/or frightening situations is you realize what you’re made of.
    And clearly, you realized you can punch a dude in the face!

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