Day: July 18, 2011

You Will Never “Get Over” Fear

“Why aren’t you taking your dreams seriously?”

This isn’t the question I am posing to you (although I will later), it is the question I asked myself this morning.  It was followed by more questions:

“Why am I afraid to just leap? To just do it? To just try something? Anything?”

“Because I am afraid of being rejected,” I answered myself back.

Confession: Yes, sometimes I do talk to myself sometimes. Whatever. I bet you do it too.

Other more important confession: Even though I write frequently about getting past fear, I am sometimes paralyzed by it. And every time I push myself to get past it, to just leap, to just do something, it is an effing celebration.

Why?  Because I get scared. I get so scared of asking for what I want; I get scared of people telling me “no”  and thinking I am foolish; and I get scared of allowing myself to appear vulnerable.

Those are my deep fears. Those are the answers that creep out when I ask myself why I haven’t been taking my dreams seriously.

Fear is a bitch. And it’s not going anywhere. You have to learn to treat it like an annoying relative you can’t get rid of. You can bargain all you want, but if you want to get past it, you have to make the decision to “just do”.

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