Day: November 28, 2011

Reasons Why A “Get Over Heartbreak” App Shouldn’t Exist

I don’t write about love.

Lost love. Love lost, or anything of that sort.

I write about career stuff. I write about fears, hopes, dreams, and job dissatisfaction.  I write about redefining narrow views of success and happiness. I write about challenging the status quo. I deal more with the relationships we have with ourselves, versus the relationships we have with other people.

It’s just never been my thing.

Whenever I get ready to pen a new post, I hear the words of author Terry McMillan in my head: “Write hard and from the heart.”

But over the last few weeks, I haven’t wanted to write from my heart because my heart is injured right now. It’s hurt and it misses someone. My heart has wanted to listen to sad songs, and cry. It hasn’t felt like masking that pain in order to write about job dissatisfaction, or career angst.

My heart wants to write about love and loss. So, bare with me.

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