What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Writing A Damn Thing


There will be those days when you look at your blog, and with a quickness, you shut that tab DOWN. You walk away from your computer, look at it sideways, and find recluse in whatever distracting task you can possibly get your hands on as quick as possible.

Yes, you’ve set goals. Yes, you feel as if your readers are virtually giving you the side eye, because the only thing jumping on your site these days is crickets, but you don’t care about any of that because dagnabbit, you just don’t feel like writing a damn thing.

I feel you my sisters (and brothers). There have been many times when I didn’t feel like writing. Didn’t even want to THINK about writing, and I’d be lying if I said I forced myself to do it anyway.  In most cases I didn’t.

But in the good name of all that is delightful, and the shit parade that is about to become a barrage of “New Years Resolution” themed-posts, I wanted you to be prepared.

Introducing, my tips for what to do when you don’t feel like writing a damn thing.

You are going to promise yourself that this year you will show up, and show out on your blog weekly. And you’re…I mean we’re not going to break that promise, right?


So, here are my three ideas/suggestions for things to get your creative mojo flowing. Bookmark this because I have a feeling we’ll need a nifty reminder very, very soon.


Number One: Read Something That Inspires You

When I feel as if I have nothing to write about, it usually means that I need to come out of my writerly hibernation chamber a.k.a. my room, and go chat with people or read a good book, article, blog post, something with words that inspires me to get in touch with the words I want to kick out of my head.

I try not to overdo it. It’s super easy to fall into the Internet’s black hole of awesomeness and overwhelm, so you’ve got to watch it. Limit yourself to reading two blog posts, or purposely discover a new blog that challenges the way you see the world, and then retreat to get your wordsmith on.

Good writing makes you want to write. It invokes that antsy feeling that usually translates into you not being able to do something until you verbally vomit. Okay, that’s kinda gross, but you get where I’m going with it, right?

Read to write. It’s a good idea.


Number Two: Watch Something That Inspires You

Dude, get thee to Ted.com and watch something that makes your brain shout. Creativity abounds in that camp. Just don’t get depressed because you haven’t been invited to give your TEDx talk that that you’ve been practicing in the mirror yet.

Watching something inspiring, funny, or thought provoking can jumpstart your creative juices, and inspire you to want to explore some thoughts that have been bouncing around in your head for awhile.  One of my fav inspiring talks that I could watch over, and over (okay, have watched over and over), is this one by educator, Rita Pierson. It’s seven minutes of amazingness.

Totally unrelated to the TED genre is this skit by Katt Williams. It’s a few years old, but dude, if you overheard me watching it, you’d think it was for the first time. It’s totally rated R for some of the language, but I swear this video never gets old to me. I laugh every.single. time.  It doesn’t do much to encourage me to write in the way of thinking of topics, but laughter is good for the soul, so therefore I’ll claim it as a cure for writer’s block.

Watch something!


Number Three: Read Your Old Blog Posts

Sometimes reading what you’ve wrote before can give you new life and perspective on things you want to write about today. Case in point: this post.

Clearly, writers block was attempting to creep up on me. But I combated it with a trip down memory lane. Seeing the love I’ve put into my blog in the past inspired me to not only keep going, but it renewed my energy and perspective on why I enjoy this so much, and sometimes you just need that.

Go ahead, get lost in your archives right quick. I’ll still be here upon your return.


Number Four: Kick It Old School: Write On Paper

Step away from the screen, my friend. I know I’m all Gen Y/ Millennial, so that means I’m supposed to be obsessed with all things technological, but I love paper. Seriously. Take me to the nearest Staples and watch me lose my shit.

Paper represents endless possibilities to me. Thoughts just waiting to drop on the page.  And best of all, if you mess up, or decide you want to say something in a different way, you can cross it out without losing your previous thought that, in a little bit , might actually work better. Paper gives you a space to be messy in a way that typing onto a digital writing pad just doesn’t.

Give yourself some space to just create to jog your brain, and wake it up, and then start writing. Refine, and rock with it.  Just make sure in all of your excitement, you don’t write illegibly, and then blame me later when you’re squinting at your notepad, and trying to type up your post for the big screen.

Alright, that’s what I got. *Drops Bic pen and walks away*


Tell me, what could be number five? To all of my reluctant writers out there, what inspires you to put the pep in your step and get to work?