Hey girl, welcome to The Fab Life Project!

I created this site with one goal in mind: to challenge millennial women to develop the confidence and resilience they need to build their vision for a fabulous life.

I’ll keep it real: our generation has been through some deep shit. We’ve weathered a recession, battled Sallie Mae, made the best of the “struggle job”, pushed our dreams aside in favor of doing what we needed to do to the pay the bills, and pasted on happy smiles for the ‘gram.

But you know what? That ends right here, right now. I truly believe we’re warriors, and that we have all of the tools we need to build careers, relationships, and lives that reflect who we really are, and all the things we’re capable of.

You’re not on this earth suffer through a mediocre existence that doesn’t look anything at all like your true values, needs, and wants.

You know that little negative voice? You know, the one that dares to ask you “who do you think you are?” every time you remember one of your dreams? The one that tries to stop you from reaching your goals or tries to convince you to ignore what you really want?

Girl, we’re putting it on notice. We’re fighting back with a mix of knowledge, inspiration, and good old fashioned grit. I won’t be easy, but as the saying goes, “is anything worth having, ever easy to obtain?”

Get ready to have your negative beliefs put in check, your mindset shifted, and your potential unleashed.

Amber Jade


I’m Amber J. Adams. I’m a writer, editor, and storyteller with a passion for challenging people to make the kind of mindset shifts that will push them towards making necessary changes in their lives.

I’m obsessed with personal development, but I’ve found that so many books and sites try to present this overly perfect, unrealistically positive image. I can’t stand that ish! Straight up: life isn’t perfect all the time, and sometimes we have to dig deep to find the strength to keep going.

I don’t dwell on the negative things or the challenges that I’ve faced in my life, but I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’ve never struggled, or not give myself permission to process the full range of my emotions.

My goal with how I teach, speak, and write about personal development has always been to keep it real.

You never know what’s coming around the riverbend, but you can build an arsenal of tools to keep you on track, and learn how to flex the mindset muscles that will allow you to bounce back no matter what.

I reimagined this site as a place that can be a part of your tool kit. I set out to write articles about the deep, scary, personal development shit that most people don’t touch, but we all think about. I wanted to interview dope ass women that will inspire you because they’ve been through the fire, might still be in the fire, yet they persist anyways. I wanted to build offerings for you that will remind you of who you are, what you’re capable of, and show you that you aren’t alone in the fight to build your fabulous life.

I might not know you yet (girl, I’m on social media, what are you waiting for? Stop by and tell me hi!), but I know that you are on your way to accomplishing some amazing things, with your bad self!

I’m so hype to be a part of your journey!



  1. Trudy says:

    I didn’t know this site was only for young “twentysomething” year olds. OH well, I will be unenrolling myself. Good luck to you youngins. Us 40 something year olds aren’t worth it I guess.

  2. Khurty Ramudu says:

    Wow, ain’t this universe amazing?! I accidentally come across your bloon a day that I feel particularly restless, lost and angry with society. Hello from a fellow non-conformist! I look forward to exploring your blog! -Khurty

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