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Let that shift flow

In this 7-day challenge I’m going to teach you how to flip, mix, and reverse the negative beliefs holding you back so that you can create a new story for yourself that feels more in alignment with who you truly are.

When you sign up for this free challenge, you will receive an email with a short audio class and journal prompt for the next seven days. 

Bring tea or wine with a sense of possibility on the side!

Pop-up! Workshop

The stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what we’re capable of are powerful.

Imagine this: what would it be like to  have your own personal life strategy session where you have a safe space to develop a plan to combat the self-doubt that is limiting you from shifting your mind and your story?

Pop-Up workshop was created to be a launch point for you to start thinking about the elements of your current story that are limiting you. It’s a safe space to develop a strategy that will help you transition from feeling stuck and stagnant to taking action with clarity and courage.

Pop-Up Workshop!
Your Story?
It can change.

I’ve spent over 15 years as a journalist, editor, and communications strategist with a focus on helping people and organizations tell, craft, and develop their stories. 

I’ve loved my work, but this feeling of wanting to see women act on their brilliance NOW is what drove me to create “The Pop-Up Workshop” a one-hour intensive strategy session with a focus on jumpstarting your journey to developing the clarity and confidence you need to design a new story for yourself. 

Think of it as the most personal branding that you could engage in. 

How It Works

I offer a select number of Pop Up! Workshop sessions per month. The best way to know when enrollment is open is to subscribe to get notified! I let every lady in the Fab Life community know that sessions are up for grabs, but I make sure that those who are especially interested get notified first. 

Once you secure your spot, you’ll get a link to a pre-session page where I will ask you some specific questions to get ready for our session. I encourage you to get ready to get real with yourself about what’s keeping you stuck, and your vision for how you want to rewrite your story. 

Prior to our call, I will be checking your pre-work so that I can customize your workshop for you.

On the big day, we’ll have an hour together to focus on  You will walk away with three actionable steps that you can implement NOW that will jumpstart your progress. 

You didn’t think I was going to leave you hanging did you? Oh no! Accountability and support is crucial to taking action and making changes. A month after your session, we will have a follow up session via email so we can talk about your progress and any support you’re finding you need along the way. 

The Investment for your workshop is $150.

Pop-Up! Workshop

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