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Our Purpose

The Fab Life Project is the first site devoted to self-empowerment and personal development for “secretly ambitious” millennial women who are determined to let the secret out: they have big dreams, big goals, and a bold vision for their life!

We are grounded in the millennial experience of having to build our own blueprint beyond the status quo we were taught. But, we recognize that we need and deserve more than a one-size-fits-most bag of beliefs.

My theory is that in order to unblock your potential, you’ve got to build up a new framework of beliefs about yourself and your capabilities, and craft a new narrative for your life that is rooted in self-worth and dedicated discovery.

The woman you are meant to know that you have unlimited potential to reimagine and rewrite your story. She’s just waiting for you to unleash your potential and set her free.

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My story

Hi, I'm Amber!

I’m Amber, and I created The Fab Life Project with one goal in mind: to build a safe space for “secretly ambitious” women to learn how to challenge the limiting mindsets and self-doubt holding that holds you back from taking action to pursue your goals and vision for your life.

I tend to write for women who are entrepreneurial in their thinking. For women who want to show up authentically in their lives. They have a deep desire to see the world and travel near and far. They want control over their lives in a grounded, genuine way.

My drive to do this work comes from a personal place. For years I’ve known exactly who I am and what I’ve wanted to accomplish. But due to a lot of mess (insecurities, whack beliefs, and misguided experiences) it took me admit out loud what I wanted, and then another year to make the story shifts I needed to pursue it.

My story


But I’m here now, and I have many things to say, and my guess is that you do as well!

The time is now for us to be bold in declaring what we want and how we want it. It is now to build a new paradigm that supports the wellbeing and creativity of women across the spectrum of our generation.

Whether it is tackling BIG life-changing goals or just building up the courage to take the first tiny step, my mission is to help you challenge your limiting beliefs and draft a new story of pursuing your life-changing dream, vision or goal.

I’m so hype to be a part of your journey!