In the moments when I feel anxious to “hustle” or when I try to deny myself rest, I remind myself that “slow, but steady” is as an important saying as any other. 

Especially now. 

We are months into this pandemic with no true end in sight. And no matter what your individual situation looks like, I bet you have felt moments of stress and weariness. 

I have felt the confusion of wanting to be grateful for so, so, many things, but also bouts of resentment for an expectation that every day I can bring my best to the table. 

There are some days when I have a burst of energy, and others when I am frankly, damn tired! 

I did a video about this recently on IGTV, where as always, I give some ideas on how to combat this feeling. Watch it here. 

Even in the best of times, my position on “productivity” didn’t always gel with the advice that is commonly given. I believe in working smarter, not harder, but hustling myself to death or grinding my way into the ground? 

Nah, girl. That has never resonated with me. 

I have big dreams and grand ambitions that I am now owning after many years of trying to pretend I didn’t have more to give. But I am in the process of making peace with the fact that my timeline will be my own. 

There are so many more important things than “grinding” there is clarity of vision so that you know where you want to go and what you want to do when you get there. 

There is the courage to be yourself even when everyone else is moving in a totally different way. 

And there is a desire to rest my body, my mind, and spirit on my journey so that when I arrive at one of the many places I desire for my ambition to take me, I can feel present with my accomplishments rather than anxious. 

That’s how I’m rolling right now. 

Tell me: Have you found it hard to be “productive” during this time? Is this moment making you question what “productivity” and “hustle” look like for you?

I’d love to hear how you have been.  Let’s discuss in the comments!

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