I woke up this morning with a message on my mind: “What Can We Do With This Moment?”

I know the next day or so is going to have us feeling maaaaad anxious with the upcoming election, and I don’t think there is anything I can say to take away that feeling, but it was on my mind and heart to share some ideas with you for taking all of this angst and apprehension and turning it into a learning moment and a chance to reflect on things you CAN do.

All of these ideas (and more) are shared in the vid above, but if you’re in a mood to read today, I got you!

1. Feeling Out Of Control Can Also Be A Moment of Freedom

What if for the next few days, you don’t see our world for what it is, but take some time to do some reflection and deeper thinking on what it could be? 

So, in this moment, realizing that we are in control of nothing can be scary, but I will say to some degree I feel like it can be almost a little bit liberating. At this moment, you’ve done as much you can do, you’ve educated yourself on the options, but in this case, that is where your involvement stops. 

On the other side of this, is an opportunity to think about the way that it could be. What are the things that bother you? What do you want to change?  I have a long list of things that bother me, but health insurance is in my top five! We are free to think beyond what we have been told and what society has programmed us to believe. What better time to think about how we can create change?

What’s on your list, and what would you propose as a solution? 

Lean Into The Awakening

Man, this year has been filled with truly low, lows. I was reading an article earlier this week which was about us all going through a type of collective grieving. Because of my story with grief, I recognized this for what it was back in March, but I had no way of knowing how bad things would get. 

Also because of my story with grief, I do know that there is always something to be gleaned and learned from the experience. So, my question for you is: “what has awakened in you?” In going through the trails, drama and sadness of this year, what has woken you up or made you take notice? 

For me, there has been an opportunity to go deeper into social justice work and my understanding of the movement and how it intersects with other factors. I have taken the chance to learn in a deeper way. 

So, to break it down: yes, this is a hell of a moment. And it is natural to feel anxious, but we can give that energy an outlet. 

This message is short and sweet, but I hope it gives you some peace today, girl. I’d love to hear how you are feeling (comment below!) and if you think another lady in your life could benefit from this message, pass it on! 

Go forth and be fab,

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